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We are small, family operated business of two health and fitness addicts. Our main goal is to provide impartial and comprehensive reviews of the popular muscle building supplements on the market.

If you are looking for good bodybuilding supplement or just getting into better physical condition, then you have come to the right place.


Our website is dedicated to provide complete, thorough reviews of what you can expect from the myriad of bodybuilding related supplements that you can find online.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to choose the right product for you. Ultimately, we don’t believe there is a magic supplement. Things like your budget, your weight and body type, your personal preferences, workout routines… etc. all play role into how well you will like a supplement.

Given that many factors, one single supplement can’t satisfy everyone. This website is all about providing simple and easy to understand information in an industry that is known for the opposite.

How We Review?

At BodyPro.org, truth is paramount.

We personally tested and reviewed over 200 muscle building supplements and here you’ll find only those ones that we would be happy to buy and use ourselves.

Even though our list of approved supplements is relatively small compared to what’s out there, we are confident that we have listed only the best of the best and filtered out those which aren’t worthy of your time or money.

Experience and Research

Tired of all the marketing hype and misleading claims, we decided to create this website using our own personal experiences with the products. In addition, we’ve also researched what other real users have to say about their experiences with different supplements, ingredients and brands.

We have collected, combined and presented all that information to provide a unique online resource for honest supplement reviews that you can trust.

Over the years our team have fielded a lot of questions regarding the best supplements for muscle gain and fat loss, as people are tired of wasting time and money on overpriced and ineffective products.

With many years of experience in determining both the quality and effectiveness of bodybuilding products, we are in an ideal position to offer clear and accurate information which avoids marketing hyperbole and just provides the information you want in simple terms with no jargon!

How We Rate The Products?

This is our review criteria that all products listed on our website must aim for:

Reputable Company

We believe you should know who you buying from. Each of our top rated supplements is from reputable company with contact details readily available in case you need to contact them.

Single One-Off Payment

Auto-billing scheme products and ‘free trial’ promotions are not allowed on our website. We believe that our customers have the right to decide whether to re-order a product or not.

Money-Back Guarantee

We believe that a 30-day or more money back guarantee should be offered to unsatisfied customers. This way our customers are able to order supplements with the minimum of risk and you’ll feel protected from buying a scam.

Ingredients List and Quantities Disclosed

It is important to know that the ingredients in our recommended products are safe and have been tested. We make sure to list all of the ingredients and their quantities. This is to ensure you are not allergic to any of them and you are aware of what you are taking.

Product Reviews

Customer reviews are really important for us, so each of our recommended products must have reviews listed online. This way we can show you real life examples of people taking this product and whether it will offer you the desired results.

Diet Plan/Workout Guide Included

We believe that there is no “magic pill” available and therefore we only recommend products that come either with their own sustainable diet plan/workout guide or promote use alongside a diet/bodybuilding plan. Remember that sustainable results can only be achieved through changes to diet and lifestyle.

Best wishes,

Mia and Brian