Anapolan Max 50 Review – Serious Muscle Gainer? Does It Work?

Anapolan Max 50 is described as a serious muscle gainer supplement. It is for people who are focused on building muscle and enhancing the shape of the body.

With claims of being able to bring about more than 15 pounds of muscle mass gain within a period of two months or less, it has a lot to live up to. But can it really live up to these claims?

We've taken a closer look at Anapolan Max 50 and its ingredients and possible side effects to find out just how it works, what's in it and whether it really can bring about the results promised.


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    Promotes anabolic muscle gains and muscle growth; Increases testosterone levels and HGH production
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    All-natural formula for large and rapid muscle gains; Said to be one of the most powerful muscle enhancement products available
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    Gain 15lbs or more over a period of 45-60 days; Can easily be added to an existing daily routine of supplements


  • Not for people who are not serious about bodybuilding
  • Only available from the official website – no price competition

Anapolan Max 50 Review

anapolan max 50 bottle

Anapolan Max 50 is a pure muscle growth supplement. Its goal is to provide fast and extreme muscle gains and increased testosterone.

It uses main active ingredients of Tribulus Terrestris and L-Tyrosine, which are commonly seen in many muscle building products thanks to their ability to increase testosterone and promote muscle growth and fat burning.

The product is promoted as an anabolic muscle gaining supplement created for serious bodybuilders. It uses all natural ingredients so is a safe steroid alternative.

No tests or studies have been undertaken to date, however the customer feedback indicates that many users are seeing up to 15 pounds or more of muscle gain within 45-60 days of beginning use.

No side effects have been reported to date. The use of Tribulus Terrestris, which is known to be safe, is reassuring as it is rare to have side effects reported from this active ingredient.

What Does AMAX Claim To Do?

Anapolan Max 50 claims to be aimed at the serious bodybuilder who wants to put on serious muscle within a short time frame. The overall goals are to help with:

  • Gaining lean muscle mass
  • Putting the body into a state of anabolic muscle gaining
  • Bringing about large and fast increases in muscle tone and mass
  • Increasing the production of human growth hormone (HGH) in the body
  • Increasing testosterone levels

Anapolan Max 50 is made to be taken with other muscle enhancing supplements, meaning it can be safely added on or stacked to an existing supplement plan.

The official website clearly outlines the benefits and intended uses of the supplement, so you can determine right away whether it is what you’re looking for.

What Are The Ingredients For Anapolan Max?

The carefully selected formula contains the following main active natural ingredients:

  • Zinc 5mg
  • Vitamin E 30IU
  • Shailajit 100mg
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone 25mg
  • L-Tyrosine 125mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 100mg
  • Mucuna Pruriens 50mg

Zinc – An important mineral that is particularly useful for raising testosterone levels in active men. Being deficient in zinc can limit the body’s muscle gaining ability and even lower the sex drive, so the zinc content works to improve those aspects dramatically.

Vitamin E – A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin E can contribute to muscle growth by drastically reducing the amount of free radicals present in the body after exercise which could otherwise contribute to muscle breakdown.

Shailajit – This lesser known ingredient has been in use for some time as a libido enhancer and for its apparent anti-aging benefits, but more focus has recently been put.

Dehydroepiandrosterone – Commonly known as DHEA, it is naturally produced by the adrenal glands and is an androgenic hormone. DHEA is vital as around half of all testosterone in the male body comes from it, and using DHEA in a supplement brings about increased testosterone and all the benefits that come with it.

L-Tyrosine – An amino acid that is believed to have an impact on activating metabolic pathways as well as enhance mental performance and function which can assist with focus during workouts.

Tribulus Terrestris – Highly regarded natural plant extract which has been used traditionally for enhancing sexual performance and libido, as well as acting as a natural testosterone booster and thus contributing to the increase of muscle and strength.

Mucuna Pruriens – This is an herb that has been used in traditional indigenous medicine throughout the world, it is becoming popular with bodybuilders because it is rich in an important amino acid that assists with lowering cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. It is also believed to help increase HGH production.

Ingredients Verdict

Anapolan Max 50 has been put together to be a highly potent formula that relies on only natural ingredients which don’t come with the risk of harmful side effects as can be the case with unnatural muscle building supplements.

Each of the ingredients have the natural ability to contribute to testosterone production, HGH production, and other body processes that can bring about increased muscle growth capability.

How to Take Anapolan Max 50?

The recommended dosage is to take one pill each day with food. However, it is possible to increase the daily dosage up to three pills per day maximum if you desire more extreme results. No more than three pills per day should be consumed.

Whilst the directed dosage allows you to take up to three pills daily, exceeding this dose is never recommended and could potentially results in unwanted side effects. The recommended dosage is designed to bring about maximum results in the safest possible way.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The product is made up of all natural ingredients, and no known side effects are listed or reported.

So Does It Work?

Studies, tests and clinical trials over the years have been focused on a number of the ingredients, including Tribulus Terrestris which has shown to provide natural testosterone boosting benefits, and thus is a very popular supplement ingredient. Other ingredients, such as Vitamin E and Zinc, have long been studied for their widespread health benefits, as well as their necessity for overall health.

Because A-Max 50 is designed to be used with other supplements, particularly HGH Testosterone 1500 and HgH 30000, it has been very specifically formulated to provide certain results: namely, to focus on increasing and maintaining healthy testosterone levels, and bringing about rapid and noticeable muscle gains.

In my case, gained about 8 pounds in about 6 weeks, and lost fat a the same time.

This is a great product. Been taking for 2 months. I just started working out and have gained a lot of muscle.

More and faster gains is what I’m seeing.

Already using it for about a month and I have seen gains in muscle of about 8 pounds already and a loss in fat that I’ve been having trouble getting rid of for a long time.

Happy with results so far, being able to lift more on the bench press and seeing noticeable increases in muscle growth within this first month of using it.

The positive reviews and perfect rating score given by customers indicates that people are exceptionally satisfied with the results they are getting with the supplement.

Where Can I Buy Anapolan Max 50?

The official website is the only place that Anapolan Max 50 can currently be bought, and this provides assurance that you are receiving the legitimate product at the lowest current price. Discounts and free bottles are available for bulk purchases.

There are 30 capsules in each bottle; enough for a one month supply of one pill is taken daily, or less if you extend your daily intake to two or three pills.

A 90 day money back guarantee is provided by the manufacturer, who state that they are very confident that all customers will be satisfied by the product. The guarantee means that if you find that you are not totally satisfied with the results you see from the product during this time, you can request a full refund.

Overall Conclusion

With the positive customer comments and reviews coming in, coupled with the well established reputation of, Anapolan Max 50 certainly looks to be a very low risk, high potential supplement for people who are truly serious about bodybuilding and packing on muscle fast, but doing it safely, legally and with natural ingredients.

Anapolan Max 50 promises realistic results and is clear about the fact that it is designed with anabolic muscle enhancement at its core. Although we didn’t add it higher to our list of top steroid alternatives, it is a good supplement.