HGH 30,000 Nanos Review – Does It Really Work?

HgH 30000 is claimed to be the number one HGH releaser ever developed by the company.

It is advertised as being able to provide all the expected benefits of human growth hormone (HGH), in a totally natural form.

A lot of bold claims are being made about this supplement, but can HGH 30,000 really live up to everything it is meant to be able to do?

We take a closer look at HgH 30,000 and its ingredients and possible side effects in order to investigate how it works, what kind of results it is meant to provide, and whether it really can live up to the marketing.

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HGH 30,000 Nanos Review

hgh 30000 bottle

HgH 30,000 Nanograms is a HgH (pro-hormone) supplement. It contains a propriety formula that is only available in this product. The formula is a blend of all natural ingredients.

The included ingredients have been designed to work together as a blend of growth factors to result in increased muscle growth, muscle conditioning, faster recovery, increased strength, and additional benefits like anti-aging.

There are currently no studies or trials having been carried out on this supplement. However, a positive sign for now is that the product has a five out of five-star rating on the official website from customers.

The company behind the supplement states that this is their number one HGH releaser, and it has received positive feedback from users so far.

What Does HGH 30000 Claim To Do?

It is said to be able to help you achieve some impressive results and changes in your body, including:

  • Increased muscle growth with the use of natural growth factors and L-amino acids
  • Anti aging and rejuvenation benefits – making you feel and look younger
  • Enhances strength and stamina, resulting in longer and more intense workouts
  • Achieving increased HGH levels that can be sustained for about a year if the supplement is stopped following six months of use
  • Help you feel, look and perform at your maximum potential

For best results the company recommends the product to be used to maintain HGH levels. You will note when visiting the official website that this supplement is described as a HGH releaser. This means that it has been created to maintain HGH in the body, rather than create it.

The maker of HgH 30,000 is the well known company HGH.com. The company provides a money back guarantee to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

What Are The Ingredients For HGH 30,000?

This supplement is made up of what are called human growth factors, as well as a number of L-group amino acids.

L-Ornithine – a basic amino acid that is able to start the process of growth hormone release in the body. It also contributes to liver and immune system function.

L-Arginine – an important protein building block which is not naturally made by the body and must be consumed from an external source. It is known to increase the output of growth hormone and aid in removal of toxins from the body.

L-Lysine – another essential amino acid, it is an important protein building block that also assists in the absorption of calcium as well as contributing to recovery from injuries.

L-Tryosine – this is a non-essential amino acid which is often used in supplements by athletes as it is believed to help with activating metabolic pathways. Other known benefits include cognitive related benefits like improving memory and helping with focus.

L-Glutamine – shown in studies to be able to help with protein metabolism as well as reducing muscle breakdown, L-Glutamine is made up of almost one fifth nitrogen meaning it plays a vital role in transporting nitrogen to the muscles.

L-Glycine – well known to have benefits relating to muscle gain, improved sleep and recovery. This is a simple amino acid that the body absorbs quickly, allowing the beneficial processes to start almost immediately.

Colostrum – this important ingredient is included for a number of reasons: to help support the immune system and digestion and to enhance athletic performance and recovery times.

Phosphatidyl Choline – this ingredient is derived from lecithin and is used in HgH 30,000 in a much more concentrated form because of its ability to metabolize fatty acids, however there are also other health benefits that relate to liver function and even brain health.

Ingredients Verdict:HgH 30,000 contains a large number of amino acids which each have individual benefits relating to protein building, muscle recovery and of course, the release of growth hormone in the body.

Rather than having to take each of these ingredients in individual supplements, HgH 30,000 has combined them all so that the benefits of each one can be compounded by the others.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

One of the absolute best things about the product is that there are absolutely no reported side effects at all.

Even in multiple studies that have been carried out amongst people of all age, no side effects or negative reactions were reported by anyone involved in the studies.

How to Take HGH 30000?

Two capsules daily are the prescribed dosage: one tablet in the morning, and another tablet at night. Never exceed the recommended dosage.

Does It Work?

Most of the ingredients have been studied in depth over the years, particularly in the case of amino acids, which are vital to the functioning of the body, but with many having additional benefits that are of interest to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

L-Ornithine for example, is important for the release of growth hormone, which is the core function of the product.

The positive customer ratings and reviews coming in certainly point to it being able to deliver on the claims it promises.

I gained 30lbs in 30 days using this product. my strength gains were out of this world and I had not side effects what so ever.

It is important to be aware that we recommend using the product after using some stronger supplements like General and HGH-X2 which aim to boost HGH, whilst HGH 30,000 is designed to maintain HGH levels over a long period of time.

Where Can I Buy HGH 30000?

The official website is currently the only one place it can be purchased. A free five day sample is available which allows you to evaluate the product at no cost.

A 90-day money back guarantee is provided, which means that if you don’t feel satisfied with the results you’re seeing, you can return the bottles for a full refund. This provides excellent peace of mind and no financial risk.

Overall Conclusion

HGH 30,000 is a HGH releaser which works at its maximum potential when used after HGH boosting supplements. It combines a number of important and useful amino acids, plus several other natural ingredients.

The downside here is the use of proprietary blend with no clear information about the amounts per serving. The price is also something you should consider.

Overall, HgH 30000 really looks good. With HGH maintenance at its core, it can also help with anti-aging and overall health. Although we didn’t add it higher to our list of ultimate HGH releasers, it is a good one.